Returned to us– Missy and Zac returned to us on Jan.  27 with no problems praise the Lord. So good to have them back and Missy to be playing the piano again for Church services. However Alyssa has helped a lot playing the violin and Subin with the guitar. In January we were able to give out books of John/Romans to 7 villages about and hour and half away for us. We must drive that far now to get to a new village that we haven’t been to as of yet. Still a lot to do though. While in the grocery store in the city of Burgas, Alyssa gave a gospel tract to a lady.  This lady and her family are from Germany but have been living here in Bulgaria for sometime. She (Ana) had been praying for the Lord to show her where she could go to church. According to her words when she saw how the girls were dressed she knew we were Christians. Looks still make a difference and impress upon others that we are different than the world. Christ Jesus has given us a good & godly standard to live by. She has been driving an hour with her well behaved six children almost every Sunday to our services in Karnobat.

February’s favour of God–  A young man of 14, Martin Manolov asked Christ to save his soul on the 4th. He has been faithful to church services, a youth meeting and has gone with us to give out the Bible Portions in villages. On the 12th as I was wrapping up the morning message three people raised their hands for believer’s baptism. That same morning another man named Dimiter prayed and asked the Lord to save him. Also In February we had the privilege to get out the Word of God in 17 more villages.

March’s miracle– Ever since the April/May 2022 letter we have been praying for and trying to minister to the Atanas (Nasko) Atanasov family.  He and I have had many good conversations about the Bible, God’s grace and mercy and the need to be born-again.  Friends who have prayed for him…Thank you! On March 2nd, Thursday evening he finally gave his life to God, trusting Christ and what he done on the the cross to save his soul! May he grow spiritually and be used to reach others for Christ.

Partners in the Gospel, thank you again for agreeing to send us here and providing the means to preach/live the Gospel in Bulgaria! God bless and keep you in the way. For yet a little while, and he that shall come will come, and will not tarry, Hebrews 10:37

Bro. Danny & Family