Dear brothers and sisters,

Bulgarovo– In the beginning of April after talking again with a man named Stoicho Kalvaldjiev (he also lives here in Bulgarovo), I agreed to rent one of his public places in the center for a meeting place on Sunday evenings. We have prayed for quite some time for a public place to meet. Not everyone is willing to rent us a place for the preaching of the Gospel in our little town; however Stoicho is! We are praying for he and his wife’s salvation. This place is directly in the center and was a bar. We have turned it into a spiritual healing house rather house of ale! I also will mention and thank two churches which have recently taken us on for support. Old Paths Baptist Church of Holley, NY and Bible Believer’s Baptist Church of Virgina Beach, VA. With their help, without having said anything prior to you all about renting this new place, the Lord has provided nearly the entire cost for the rent. It is so special to watch the Lord do His work in His time. Nasko Atanasov and his wife have a new baby girl. Nasko was saved on March 2. Pray for him as he struggles with the old man that he will submit himself to his Lord Jesus. Pray that new people will come, hear and believe the Gospel here in Bulgarovo. Pray with me for a man named Vulcho. I’ve never witnessed to him before but I’m praying the the Lord to open a door to do so. 

Karnobat– We continue to have good attendance. April 16- Resurrection Sunday… we had over 70 people. For the past two Sundays the church house has been pretty full. Last Sunday 4/30 a man stood and confessed that he was unsaved, openly repented of the sinner that he was, and received Christ as his Saviour! Acen Acenov is his name. His son, Christo, was saved at our opening service on Oct. 2, 2022 and was baptized shortly thereafter with his wife, Magi, and sister in law, Radka. Currently we have 7 candidates for believer’s baptism. We pray they will follow the Lord in this ordinance as soon as possible…. hopefully this summer.  Thank you all for partnering with us!

In Christ Jesus The Lord,
Danny Kessler and Family