Dear Supporters,

8th container update– After 8 weeks of spreading the Word, the Lord has allowed the Nick Maulucci family, a couple Bulgarian families, and our family to give out John/Romans to 5 cities = 7,553 homes (74 cities remain) and 100 villages = 8,824 homes (2,471 villages remain). That’s 16,149 books that have been distributed throughout this country these past 2 months! ( I Cor. 15:58- “your labour is not in vain in the Lord”!). This is not to mention tracts that have been given to individuals. I know we do not live in times of great harvest, but still a few are coming to faith in Christ Jesus. He is worthy, however, even if no one gets saved!

Baptism in Karnobat ministry– On June 25, 9 people followed the Lord in this act of obedience and on August 21, one more man was baptized . That’s 10 for this year which is a record for us. Most of them have been faithful to services for which we are grateful and encouraged by. Recently we had some time of fellowship with 5 other families from the church. It was a blessing to get together and see them growing. Pray for them please. I want to believe that the Lord will raise up a native pastor to take my place in time to come, perhaps one of these five men. Specifically I ask prayer for the Christo and Megi Acenovi family. We have seen some good things in them. Christo prayed to receive the Lord Jesus as his Saviour on the opening day of our new church house (October 21, 2022). He and his wife shortly thereafter followed the Lord in Baptism. They have been faithful since then but recently have been considering to leave Bulgaria and work in Germany. I have tried to encourage and exhort them to trust the Lord to take care of their needs right here in their own country where they are being a blessing to the work of the Lord. I believe there is good potential in this family for the future if they will stay and continue to seek the Lord in their daily lives. Help us pray for them and the brethren as a whole in the Karnobat work. I desire to see the Lord make us a good, doctrinally sound, and close knit Bible Believing church. Help me pray for two youth, Asen Cholakov and Pamela Kalpakchieva. I personally have had some good conversations with them. They seem to be getting close to giving their lives to Christ and I am sure there are obstacles they must overcome to do so.

Last but not least– In July, toward the end of the month I took a flight to Germany where the Alex Dick family are from. I wrote about them last time. They were a huge blessing to us in helping us find and purchase a 2019 Renault van. I was praying for a vehicle like this for our family and the ministry because such a vehicle is so practical here. Because of their generosity we only had to pay $3,100 for a practically new van! We pray the Lord will bless them for their gift to us and the work here. We rejoice in the great things our Lord is doing in our midst. God bless you all for your faithfulness and love!

Bro. Danny Kessler & Family