Lord willing we will be arriving in America on May 7th for a four month furlough. We plan to be in at least 40 churches updating what the Lord has allowed us to be a part of for the past 12 years. I had mentioned in the previous letter that I was going to have a Danish man help with an update presentation; but instead the Lord placed on my mind a young Bulgarian brother that we’ve known since 2012. His name is George Gospodinov. I am so grateful for his help with the presentation.

February 16 to 27 we had the privilege to have Pastor Jonathan Doss and his wife, Sarah, with us from  S.C.  Bro. Doss, Chris, Zac, and I were with the Maulucci family for three days in a city, north of us, and nearby villages giving out the Word of God. We had a great time getting out the Gospel together. Bro. Doss also preached both Sunday services that they were here which was a blessing to our people. We also had the opportunity to take the Doss’s to Phillippi, Greece to see the place where Paul and Silas were in prison according to Acts 16. In March I had the privilege again to be with Bro. Maulucci and his boys for another three days getting out the Word in a city and nearby villages northwest of Sofia.

Lately some of the brethren at the Karnobat church have been taking part in the services on Thursdays. I want to get them more involved which has the potential to help them be more committed to Christ in their personal lives. One brother, Kiril Asenov, and his wife have taken on the responsibility as Treasurer recently. They are doing a good job and have been very responsible in this ministry. Kiril is one that helps with preaching on Thursdays. I am impressed and encouraged by these brothers and their willingness to step up and take on more responsibility. The Church, financially speaking, is already independent from us. They are giving their tithes and offerings and taking care of the financial side of things. I hope in the near future that the church will begin to supporting a missionary or two. I often pray that our Lord will ,in His time, prepare or provide a local man to replace me. We had a visiting preacher with us this past Sunday (March 31). He is Bulgarian and from a good Baptist church in Sofia. He and his wife are young and have two little girls at the moment. His name is Ivan Todorov. We starting talking through a unique circumstance. I don’t have room to write all about it now. Please pray for this brother and his family.  Today I had lunch with our neighbors, Peter and Panka. They are good neighbors; but they need to be saved. Please pray with us for them. God bless you all! We are looking froward to seeing some of you this summer! We love, appreciate, and pray for you often!                                                                    

Bro. Danny and Family