Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,  

As always it is wonderful to see people come to faith in Christ and follow him in baptism. In the April/ May letter I told you that we had 7 candidates for baptism. On June 25 however 9 people followed our Lord in believer’s baptism. One of them was Christopher, our 8 year old son. We ask that you continue to pray for the work in Karnobat. There are a number of youth that need to be born-again. We are praying for them and preaching the Word to them. The Lord must give the increase! Pray for Bojidar, Andrew, Maria, Reni, Atanas, Jivko, Acen, Ani, Pepi. These are a few of the teenagers that have come to our services and have heard the Gospel. They must submit to the Lord and choose Him above their own pleasures and desires.

Bulgarovo– We continue to meet in the center of our little town. Last Sunday, a man named Todor came for the first time. Todor did more asking questions in a skeptical manner than listening and agreeing to the plain and pure Words of God. Nevertheless we should pray for his humility and salvation.

Request– George Sarandi was with us for a few days last week. He is from Moldova. He desires and prays to have a missionary family such as ourselves to reach the Orthodox and Muslim people of his country. If anyone is praying about giving their lives to the proclamation of the Gospel in a foreign land, please reach out to me. He would provide a home for such a family, find a language teacher, and help in whatever necessary things to get a family into Moldova.

Prayer/Thanks to God for The Alex Dick Family–  This family is from Germany. Alex and Anna have 6 children. They chose to leave Germany and move to Bulgaria so that their walk with the Lord and between themselves would be closer. We met Anna for the first time in a grocery store. Alyssa, our second daughter enjoys passing out tracts wherever we are. She had one more tract. She said to me, “This one’s going to be for someone special”. Ana received the tract with gladness and told me that she had been looking for a church here in Bulgaria. They started driving an hour to come to our services in Karnobat. We have gotten really close to them over these few months, but now they are moving to Sofia, the capitol city.  They have been a blessing to our family and church.

Lastly, the 8th container of John/Romans was unloaded in June. Alyssa and I drove three hours one way where they are being stored to get 50 boxes so that we can start getting them out. One of them had “Friendship Baptist Church, Rome NY” stamped on it. That’s one of our supporting churches! God bless you all and thank you all for making it possible to serve the Gospel of Christ Jesus here!

Love in Christ,
Bro. Danny Kessler and family

PS- Check out the website for pictures of the baptisms!