Our Trip to America– While in the US we were able to spend Thanksgiving with friends and family of which we haven’t done since 2011. We were able to report back to our home church and be a blessing to them as they were to us. However we spent most of the time in Deland, Fl. at Josh and Emma’s church of which Bro. James Knox is the Pastor. I’m grateful to both my pastor, Bro. Rodriguez and Bro. Knox for allowing me to preach the Word in their pulpits. Of course the wedding was a highlight to say the least. It was beautiful and there were many teary eyes of joy! Is there such a thing :)? We are so grateful to be officially in laws! The Lord is the perfect match maker. You young people that aren’t married yet, keep that in mind! Kensey our oldest daughter will be starting PCC Lord willing January 23. I’d appreciate your prayers for our little girl that isn’t little anymore.  I will ask you to pray for Missy and Zach that the Lord blesses their remaining time in America. They are due to return to us on Friday, January 27.

Back to Business– We arrived safe and sound Jan. 24 with no traveling issues or complications. Bro. Jonathan Owens dropped off my vehicle at the airport, so we made a bee line to the car in the parking lot, loaded it up and made our way east to the house (3.5 hrs drive). We were able to be at our church in Karnobat for the 25 December, Sunday morning service. We had a good crowd and they had prepared a little program about the Birth of Christ (which isn’t Dec. 25 obviously) and I had the privilege again to preach. Everyone was so happy about our return as were we to be together again with them. Thursday evening (Dec. 29) before church, I had the opportunity to spend some time with two young people. I earnestly tried to persuade them to give their lives to Jesus Christ! They listened very intently and respectfully. Asen is 18 and Pamela is 16. Pray with me for them to be born-again. Nasko and his family have been coming to our home for Bible Study since before the summer. We have become friends with them. He knows he isn’t saved, that he has not received Christ’s salvation. Help me fight for his soul also.

Thanks to Mountain View Baptist Church, Hagerstown MD the remaining funds have been promised for the last mentioned renovations! God bless you all that give and gave beyond in December. Happy New Year to all. May we be to God’s glory in 2023 and souls of men saved through us!

Your Grateful missionaries,
Bro. Danny Kessler & Family