In October we had the privilege to give out 8,592 books in 38 cities and villages. As of 11/22, 10,410 books were sown in 27 cities and villages for the month of November. Again we thank our Lord for His protection in sowing the Word of God. Just a few days ago we received two response cards from folks who received the John and Romans.  I sent them the book “Napraveno (Направено) or Done” to help them in their most holy faith. We know you pray for us; please know that we pray for you as well. See our website for pictures and videos as well as other information! May God bless and keep us in His way while doing His work!      

We have some exciting news! After church last Sunday Bro. Kolyo mentioned he had seen a house for sale and we could go check it out. We only planned on driving by to see the outside and to know its location. The owners happened to be there and we were able to see the inside as well. We were immediately impressed by its location and potential to be renovated for a church. On Saturday 11/20, we went back to have a more indepth look with two experienced builders whom we trust. One of them is a Bulgarian pastor and close friend. They both agreed that it is worth the money even though the home will need to be remodeled to become a proper Church House. On Sunday 11/21, we agreed as a church to purchase this property. The owner has agreed to sell it to us for $32,000. We are starting the purchasing process. I am glad and grateful to report that we already have the money for this purchase and about $21,800 set aside to start the renovations. At this point I am not able to tell you exactly how much more we will need to do all the work; however, I will keep you informed. If anyone would like to make a contribution please designate it to “Bulgarian Fund.” At any time, you may contact me personally via email or Skype; however, email is the best option. You can find me through Whatsapp via this number: +359895522131.

Bro. Danny Kessler & Family


Photos of New Church Property: