Sowing the Seed– For the entire month of June Bro. Nick Maulucci had planned a thorough but rigorous plan to give out the books of John/Roman every day of the month besides Sunday. The first two weeks were canvassing in northwest Bulgaria and the remaining time in the southwest. Here are some of the numbers that he put together: 24 work days, 4 church days, 1 travel day, 10 days over 90 degrees, 1 physical assult (punched in the face….I can’t claim it), 4 countries seen from near the borders of Serbia, Romania, Greece and Macedonia, 10 people witnessed to, 2 police checks, 4 confrontations with Mayors, 3 police harassments, 14 cities done, 223 villages done, 140 miles walked (5.8 miles a day), 216 hours worked (9 hrs a day), 38,781 books/houses (1,116 a day), $1,511 in fuel expenses & 5,910 (197 a day) miles driven! Chris and I worked 7 of the 24 days during this month. I am grateful that we were able to share in these labours with the Maulucci family and 8 others that helped. Two of which were a Bulgarian Pastor and his son, Bro. Slavi Dichev and Lazarus. We have gotten close to the Dichev family since the beginning of this year and pass out Scriptures together on Saturdays.

He that goeth forward and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him, Psalms 126:6.

Karnobat– In June another individual gave $5000 for the church house/property that we have been praying about. We don’t even know what the Lord will lead us to yet but since April $8500 has been given and set aside for this purpose! There is another possible place but we are waiting for the owner to let us know when we can look at the property. All I can say for now is we continue to wait and pray for the Lord’s direction. As always we praise the Lord for your support and help in this good work.

Bro. Danny Kessler and Family