Dear brethren,

As of now we have been back in the USA for 71 days and have visited thus far 11 supporting churches including our sending church in Beaufort, SC. We have been to churches in NC, SC, GA, FL, MS, TX and NM and have traveled more than 6000 miles! While heading to NM we were experiencing some issues with the Excursion overheating. That particular day it was a record high of 106 without A/C! I managed to baby it to the church in Carlsbad NM. The next day the Pastor of the Church put us in contact with a mechanic, Bro. Tony Rodriguez. Long story short, God put us in the right place with the right man who was able to order the right part! Afterwards we were giving Praise to HIS glory! We haven’t had any more problems since then. Praise the Lord! Bro. Tony didn’t charge us anything for the labor. God bless him and all those of you that have been such a blessing to us on this furlough.

Answered prayers– The Lord has through the saints provided a job for Josh, a place for him to rent, and a vehicle for him. He will be attending Bible Baptist Church, Pastor James Knox and going to their Bible Institute for at least 1 year. In less than a week we plan to set him up in Deland, FL, leave him there, and continue traveling updating our supporting churches.

We have obtained Christopher’s US citizenship and plan to submit Zachary’s paperwork for the same shortly.
Bro. Kiril Asenov, in our church in Karnobat, Bulgaria recently told me that he finished reading his entire Bible through for the first time. Bro. Subin (16 yrs old) has been faithful and had his cousin with him in church when I saw them on video chat last week. Do pray for the church in Karnobat that the people would be faithful to services and to serve the Lord in whatever way they can. I pray that they will learn to feed themselves spiritually and yet still see the need to be faithful to church. Pray for us that we will be used of our Lord to minister to the churches that we visit and that this Coronavirus ordeal would not prevent us from meeting with them. God bless you that support us prayerfully and financially.

Yours in Christ Jesus,
Bro. Danny and Family