Dear Brethren (and Sistren),

 In August we were in 5 cities, 27 villages, gave out 14,632 and 1,376 miles of travel. In September we have so far to this date (9/13/21) been in 4 cities, 18 villages, have given out 9400 books of Bible Portions and we have traveled 595 miles for this endeavor! If only one soul was genuinely born again by God’s amazing grace would it not be worth it all? Indeed it would! Thank the Lord for the safety he has provided.

In the village of Basarbovo I received a response card back from a lady named Donka Pencheva. I went to meet her personally and make sure she received the extra information I had sent her a couple weeks prior. Donka and husband Pesho (like Peter) were very friendly. Pray for their spiritual growth and understanding and to find a Bible Believing fellowship. 

My brother in law missiosnary Eric Fair and family were able to spent 9 days with us as they traveled from Papua New Guinea to the USA for a furlough. We had a good time together preaching, passing out tracts and some one on one witnessing not to mention a great time being with family. I/we could really use another family like theirs to help out in the work here. They have two more years in PNG. I wonder if the Lord might send them here to help us in the future. Would you pray about that too.

While the Fairs were here we had our neighbors Peter & Panka over for dinner. Peter brought fried snails! Not bad actually. If you would pray for them for their salvation. Great neighbors but not saved.

The place in Karnobat I mentioned in our last letter that we were waiting to get more information is a no go. We continue to set aside funds that come in for this goal to have a public place of worship. In time we are sure the Lord will show what we are to do. For now we continue to press on forward with that which we have. Please pray for a young man named Acen to be saved. Sabin from our church there has been trying to be a witness to him. Until next time. God be with you!

The Kessler’s