Dear brethren and friends in Christ,

We have finally wrapped up our furlough having visited 48 churches and driven more than 20k miles! The time has flown, God has been gracious, the churches have been generous and the brethren in Bulgaria are anticipating our return. We have been able to accomplish most of the things that we had planned to do on this furlough, praise the Lord! We had four new supporters in October… Praise the Lord for these new partners in the gospel ministry. I should have written to you a little sooner but wanted to wait until we were actually leaving for the field. We are through TSA in the Charlotte, NC airport and are awaiting our first flight back to Bulgaria! Its been so good and a huge blessing to be in the states this time and to see and visit all that we were able. Thank you all…. The God of heaven and earth, The Lord Jesus Christ keep and guide all that love His appearing! Perhaps the Rapture will take place before we can make it back to America.

Pray for us as I know you already do to rekindle the love of God and gifts of His Spirit in the the hearts and minds of His people. May God use our family to do even greater things in the near future. Brethren…. hold the fort! The King is coming! May we be found faithful.

Also we are grateful to have been present at our sending churches 2020 Missions conference. It was indeed a very good week and most needed and received time of mission emphasis. God be with thee till we meet again!

Sincerely in Christ Jesus,
Bro. Danny Kessler & Family