Bible Distribution of John/Romans:
In February we were in 59 cities and villages. In March (as of now 3/7) we have been in 24 cities and villages. We have sown thus far by God’s grace 26,750 Bible Portions during these two months. We have covered 68% of the cities (175) and 48% of the villages (2145). 82 cities and 2293 villages still remain for us to give out the Word of God. Little or more we hope to awake the people to seek God while he may be found, Isaiah 55:6. The world is in turmoil and perhaps it will get worse; but our great commission has not changed! We have an obligation to reach people where we are for the Gospel and saving of their eternal souls.

Situation in Bulgaria:
The current situation in Bulgaria is peaceful. According to one news report as of March 5 close to 25,000 Ukrainian refugee’s have fled to Bulgaria for safety. 100,000 plus are expected. My wife and I went to meet some Bulgarian brethren that are personally housing three families at the moment. We gave them some financial help. It will help but it won’t be enough, of course. I’ve never, until today, laid my eyes on and shook hands with war fleeing refugees. It tears me up inside. I guess I haven’t seen much in my 45 years. Jesus said that there would be wars and rumors of wars. “Even so come Lord Jesus” is my prayer and yours too I’m sure. My God fill us with His Spirit; and may we desire it to be so that we can be meet for the Master’s use.

Karnobat Church Renovations:
On a positive note I/we are grateful to Bro. Slavi Dichev and Manol Dimitrov along with their helpers Anton and Angel who in 10 days have managed to complete a large part of the work. They hope to be putting on the new roof within the next couple of weeks, weather permitting. This past Thursday evening church service, 3/3 we had 15 youth and children in our service! Some of them were first time visitors. May the Lord do in us and through us a holy work. It is exciting to see things coming together with the church building, having visitors, and seeing the regulars being faithful and growing in their faith. Visit our website to see pictures and video’s of the church building/Renovation process.

God bless you all that pray and financially support this work that we have the privilege to be apart of.

Yours in Christ Jesus,
Bro. Danny Kessler and Family