Hello from the States!

Thank the Lord we arrived without any issues on May 7th at the Orlando airport. Our son, Josh, and Emma, his wife, were there to pick us up. Four days later we had the oppurtunity to attend our nephew’s wedding at The Bible Baptist Church in Deland, Fl. May 15th, Wednesday evening, was the first church to report back to on this furlough. That was Victory Baptist Church of Valdosta, Ga. Since then we have revisited supporting churches in Bowdon Ga., Millbrook, Roanoke, Wattsville, Birmingham and North Port, Alabama. The church in North Port Al, Rices Valley Baptist Church with Pastor Delaney, that we visited on May 29 was the only supporting church that we had not seen in 14 years! It was so good to be together again with them. Loved spending time with the Pastor and Ms. Sandy his wife; and love that Irish accent :). All of these churches have been very good to us and it was a blessing to be back with them and report of the ministry that God has allowed us to be apart of for 12 years now. Currently we are in Shelby, NC staying at a prophet’s chamber that Maranatha Baptist Church has permitted us to stay at while visiting with family and reporting back to churches in the area. So far we have been in 7 different churches. We have over 30 more to go until the end of August. Unfortunately we will not be able to see everyone since we are just here for 4 months.

Good news from afar- I have spoken to several of the brethren in our church in Karnobat and things have been going well. The four brothers that I put in place for Thursdays are fullfilling their obligations and the brethren that I have asked to preach in my absence on Sundays are doing the same. The church is giving, the bills are being paid by the people themselves, and they are being feed the Word of God.

We are grateful for a new supporting church, Race Street Baptist Church, Pastor Chris Weltin in Catasauqua, PA.

Pray for us to be a blessing to each church we go to this summer and that our Lord would use us to minister to them. Pray for God to use us to win someone to Christ while being here!

God bless you that make this all possible. My US cell number is 386-956-9969. Please feel free to watch our 2024 update presentation via our website on the left side of this letter.

In Christ Jesus,
Bro. Danny Kessler and Family