Happy New Year!

The first week of December we had the privilege to be in Bansko, a city in the Southwest part of the country. We were harrassed by the local Orthodox priest. He evidently sent out three big guys to scare us and hinder the endeaver to spread the Gospel of Christ Jesus to the residents….It comes with the territory, 2 Tim. 3:12; but it didn’t work! Thank the Lord we still managed to get the Word out there!  Along with that city we were in 15 villages that week. Total books given out in December till the present 1/9/22 are 3952- 1 city, 36 villages. That’s three families and a few of the youth hitting the streets every week unless its raining. Praise the Lord to be a part of this work!

December 10-20 our son Joshua was here visiting with his girlfriend, Emma Jenson, and her parents. We had a great time getting to know each other. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for them.

On  December 22, 2021 we closed on the church property! It’s paid in full and we have the property deed. The water and electric have been transferred to the Church as well.   I’m hoping to get the plans this week and prepare whatever else needed to be able to consult with an Architect and proceed forward. I want to thank all of you that support us faithfully and took it upon yourselves to send extra love offerings during the hoilday season. Also another $7,300 was sent for the renovation of the Church in Karnobat  in December of 2021! That gives us about $28,000 to work with at the moment. I will keep you posted of course on the building project. Please pray for us to have wisdom with the renovation process.

Sabin, at our church in Karnobat, recently did a Creation versus Evolution presentation at his (Public) school. Sounds like his peers were impressed beyond words. Pray he will be able to convince and persuade them to trust Christ Jesus as their Saviour. God bless you all, until next time!

Bro. Danny Kessler and Family