Dear friends in Christ Jesus,

Last year as we were trying to come home for the furlough we had bought airline tickets that had to be canceled and and a refund was requested. We bought 8 more tickets with a different airline to get back to the US as needed. Its been almost a full year and 5 of the 8 have just been refunded! We would appreciate your prayers in getting refunded for the other 3.

Since the last update, praise God, we have traveled over
3000 miles, given out the Word of our Lord in 2 major cities and hundreds of villages around beautiful Bulgaria! In one distant village we had the privilege to meet an elderly lady that told us she has considered suicide because of how lonely she is. We were able to witness to her and hopefully be an encouragement. Her name is Feeka.

I recently met a christian lady in a village that has property in Karnobat where our church is. As you should know we are saving money and praying about a public place to buy for a Church House. Her brother wants around $6k for the little lot. Anyway I’m praying about buying it for a place of worship for us. I covet your prayers concerning this decision.

There’s an excellent book written by Cary Schmidt called “done”. Maybe you’ve read it. Its been translated into Bulgaria by the efforts of a fellow missionary. I have been giving them to people that show interest in reading it. If these people will read this little blessed book it could lead them to salvation and or encourage them that already know our Lord Jesus.

Karnobat ministry is going well…. consistant. Recently some of the men and I started studying about the Charistimatic Movement. Its been a blessing to them. Bro. Sabin (17) has aspirations of being a preacher someday. He often goes with us giving out the Bible portions. All is well…. prodding along… looking up… listening for the Trumpet. God bless you all that are partakers in this good work!

Danny, Missy, Kensey, Alyssa, Kaitlin, Chris & Zach