Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Church House/Property, Karnobat work– We are still in the process of getting advice and inquiring about the possibility of buying the little lot for 6k. We also heard about another place that was for sale back in February. This second place is in an ideal location and has two buildings ready for use as a church. We made an offer to which the owner refused. We took turns praying and fasting for several weeks. After which we went back to speak with the owner on April 15. He was not in the least bit willing to negiotate his asking price and was even insulting to me personally as a preacher of the Gospel. So the answer was “NO”. I sincerely desire the Lord to work in this man’s life that he would sell this place to us for a fair price. A third option has come availible across the street from where we meet at the moment. There are two houses on the lot however they would have to be remodled to meet our needs. So as you can see we covet your prayers for God’s direction in choosing the right place for our ministry. One church sent $3000 and an idividual sent $500 in April that we will set aside for this special place in which we are asking our Lord to show us. God bless each of you that gave these special gifts/offerings!

Spreading the Word– Glad to report that in the past month we have received 2 response cards from giving out the Bible Portions and the book “Done” that I mentioned last time. So far we have given out at least 50 of these books. Karnobat ministry- Ani is a 15 yr old girl that has recently been coming to church and even went out with us to give out books last week. Borislava is 17 and she has been more faithful recently as well. The rest of the brethren have been faithful as much as their work schedules allow. We continue to study the “Charismatic Movement” on Fridays. It has been informative to say the least and good to spend some extra time together. On May 2 we had a special service outside in the street for “Resurrection Sunday”. Most of the regulars were in attendance and some on the streets were listening also.

Anniversary– On this day of May 3rd we have been here for 9 years! May the Lord continue to use our family in His good work! God bless all you who give and pray that we may serve the Blessed Gospel in this land!

In your stead for Bulgaria – The Kessler Family