The Kessler Family 
Bringing the glorious gospel to the people of Bulgaria.
Photo Gallery

Our new photos may be viewed here (updated monthly!) 

Prayer meetingwith Veteran missionaries Nick and Katie Maulucci.
(left) Local pastors attending Bible school. (right) The building which Br. Schwitsky is considering buying for the Bible center.
(left) Church in Tvurdista, Твърдица.

(middle) Passing out the books of John/Romans


Sunday Services & Birthday Celebrations

Site seeing on the Island of Crete in Greece
 Video from Crete and clips from the service

Man harvesting olives            Translating for our pastor

Meeting with Bulgarians while in Greece
(Above) Christopher and his friend, Sunni                      
                                                                                 Christopher passing out booklets:
A number of baptisms including our son, Josh:
At a church in Sofia:

A number of villages that we have canvassed with Bible portions:
Muslim mosque and man reading the Bible:
New family photo: